ü        High Resolution: 800×480 (1152000) pixels

ü        1-Din Full Auto Motorized

ü        Standard VGA Port

ü        Remote Control & Full Touch Screen

ü        Support up to 1024×768 format

ü        Inner FM/AM Radio

ü        Built-in 4x 45W audio amplifier

ü        One AV input/output

ü        One S-video for camera of rearview

ü        7” Wide Screen In-Dash Touchscreen

ü        Computer: This product can be operated as a CAR PC

ü        This product can play various media from CDs, hard drive or external device such as CD, MP3/WMA, VCD, DVD

ü        Play multimedia such as MPEG4

ü        Simple text processing & PC Game / Emulators

ü        Mobile large-capacity memory

ü        (Optional) GPS navigation (configured with GPS antenna + GPS software)

ü        (Optional) Watch DVB-T digital TV (configured with DVB-T antenna + special software)

ü        (Optional) Support wireless transfer of Bluetooth data

ü        Intelligent Power Control System

ü        Cordless Mini Keyboard & Optical Mouse

ü        Wireless Internet Acess & Mobile Phone Handfree System (configured with CDMA)


~ by tangkasbarucomputer on April 12, 2010.

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